Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sam and I work in the Nursery at church every Sunday. We both swear this calling is the best kept secret. We get to play with babies for 2 hours, and have snack time. We both LOVE our calling. The little kids are all really smart, very active and entertaining. This Sunday started a little more challenging than usual. One little boy came to nursery wailing and screeching and the nursery leader handed him off to Sam and instructed him to do whatever he had to to make the kid pipe it. Sam had a panic stricken look on his face, as I have never seen. I took the crying baby and held him for a half hour. The kid did not relent. We found his mom and asked her to take over. Phew.
When we rejoined the rest of the group we arrived just before singing time, which I lead. I started with “follow the Prophet”. For this song we have several laminated 5x7 photos of President Monson on tongue depressors the kids waive around as we sing our song. When I began to hand the photos out one little boy yelled “I want a puppet!!” I briefly thought about how a 2.5 year old may think this picture on a stick was a variation of a puppet. I handed one to him and began the song. When we hit the chorus I looked over at the cheerful boy who was happily singing “FOLLOW THE PUPPET! FOLLOW THE PUPPET! HE KNOWS THE WAY!” I started laughing so hard I cried. It more than made up for the rough start.