Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eye Sore

Sam and I are subletting our apartment and we are currently housing the owners furniture and ours. As you can imagine, there isn't any extra space. The people who subleased to us have this enormous desk that we simply could not find a place for. It won't fit in the doorway to our extra bedroom so there is literally no room for it. So we decided to moved it under the stairwell in front of our apartment. We received a notice the day I left asking us to move it or it would be disposed of.
Sam got a little creative and here is what I found when I returned home:


Hannah's wedding was incredible and I have come to refer to my weekend in Chicago as the best food weekend of my life. We went to a place called Carnival on Thursday with Adam's sisters. It was so much fun. Who doesn't love a girl's night out? I had an icredible 10oz steak and I ate every last bite!

Friday we went to the rehearsal dinner and it was incredible. The place was beautiful and we had the best macaroni and cheese ever. Who knew mac'n'cheese could be such a delicacy?

Saturday was the wedding. We went to the salon to get all pretty, we got dunkin donuts is so yummy! They have this white hot chocolate that's to die for, and their donut with sprinkles is delish. Then we went to the golf club where the wedding was going to take place. The chef prepared some sandwiches for the bridesmaids which were amazing. Then we watched the ring ceremony, performed by Adam's Uncle Van. It was so great, he should really write a book. Then the reception was in full swing right after and again my taste buds were in for a treat. The best cheesy potatoes (well second best, no one can beat Aunt Shelly's potatoes). Mary and I agreed the chicken was the best ever and the steak was tender and perfect. Oh I have failed to mention that Hannah looked PERFECT. Her make-up, hair, and dress all worked... She looked like a princess. I forgot my camera but I'll post a photo as soon as Am sends me some.

Sunday Luke, Ambyr, Tyler, and I met up with Danielle and Eric in Chicago and ate some authentic Chicago Pizza. I never knew it had pizza sauce on the top and the toppings and cheese in the middle. Basically you have a thin crust, topped with a brick of cheese, topped with another thin layer of crust, topped with sauce. So gooooood! I loved it.

So I must say, Chicago is now my #1 favorite city. They have the best food, the nicest people, and the scenery is beautiful.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Leland'd 62nd Birthday

At dinner last night it was Sam's father, Lee's, 62nd birthday.
Sam was reminiscing and said Mara taught him Yo Mama jokes when he was ten years old.
Lyn asked, what that was.
Lee quickly responded in a ghetto voice saying, "Oh you know, yo mama's so fat, she has her own zip code."

Hannah's Best Week Ever!

So here is why this is Hannah's "Best Week Ever"
She found out she gets to move to the Big Apple (do they still call it that? Either way she's New York bound).
This goes along with the above, but her soon-to-be husband was offered his dream job
She turns twenty-two
She gets MARRIED!!! YEAY!!
She gets to...
She is going to the Virgin Islands

No one deserves a great week more than Hannah, I love you baby!! I know this great week is product of all of your hard work and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You deserve all the best and happiness that this world has for you. I love you very very much and this week is just the beginning of many great weeks, months, and years to come.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where to begin...

I have been trying so hard to come up with a great way to express my feelings of love and overwhelming gratitude for my wedding day and everything that everyone did to make my day perfect and it's just so hard... But, how do you thank the people who made the best day of your life possible? How do you tell them how grateful you are? How nothing could ever have meant so much to you? Well I'm just going to say it, Tyler and Luke thank you. The truth is my amazing sister Ambyr planned my entire wedding. Why am I thanking Tyler and Luke you ask? Well they were kind enough to lend me Ambyr's time and attention that should and would be given to them for weeks, maybe months. So thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

kite runner

I would next like to thank Chico, he too gave up the time and attention of his mommy. And after helping fund the reception, I'm sure mom and Gary can no longer afford to buy Chico as many accessories or treats as he's become accustomed to. What a sacrifice. Thanks Cheeks!!


I don't want to embarrass the other contributors who made my day perfect, but to all else, I sincerely do want to say thank you and I love each of you. Thanks to everyone who came to the wedding to support us. And if you didn't come, I can't wait to tell you all about it (if your interested).

I will give an actual update tomorrow!