Monday, June 28, 2010

Ashbaby Bump

I'm still in New York but I wanted to show my baby bump progress.
Obviously, I am still working on it but there is definitely something there these days.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good Bye Phoenix

And Hello New York!

My Sister's and I planned a 50th birthday rendezvous in New York City for our Mama. We leave today. We're in for a weekend of site seeing, shows, shopping, eating, and celebrating. I can't wait!...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Male Carrier

You may want to watch this on mute so you don't have to listen to me talk the entire time. But here we are at the doctor's office finding out that our little is definitely a boy.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why we are moving from our current apartment...

Although we have a lovely lake view from our apartment, amazing AC and the best ceiling fans money can buy, our lease is up, and we need another bedroom, so we are looking for a new place to live.
Here are a list of things I will miss most:
-The woman who sits on her patio all day and all night listening to a police scanner.
-The man who ALWAYS smokes a pipe (even when it is +115' outside) who does nothing but sit in and walks around his Ford Ranger.
-Our neighbor who walks through our gravel area with a laundry basket going who knows where, for who knows what reason. (The gravel is not a walkway, it is covered in bushes and brush. I have no idea why he does it but listening to him kick rocks every 20 minutes by our living room window irritates me to no end.)
-The middle eastern man who's front door is near our parking spot who when asked "how's it going" he replies "working hard like a sniper". (Are we supposed to report things like this?!)
-The Ford Focus that parks next to us and draws swastikas on the hood of their car with wipe away chalk.
-Quackers and his new little ducklings, who despite the pass of mating season still wake me periodically.
-The tree that is manicured to go right through the walkway so you can't actually use the sidewalk.
-The 30 drunk people who congregate around the pool every single weekend, Friday through Sunday monopolizing the BBQ and the rest of the pool area.
-The couple who has 3 cars but only drive 1 and leave the other 2 in the only available close parking spaces, making them unavailable to anyone else who may need them; literally for MONTHS at a time.
-Our other neighbor who smokes right outside our front door when our windows are open(a smell pregnant woman can't get enough of).

Good-bye friends you will be missed...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our little

Sam pointed out that I like to over shoot dates. For example I tell people we dated almost 2 years with our 1 year break in between, this is a gross exageration. We actually dated for 12 months prior to our break up, and then 6 months from the time we got back together to when we were married. Substantially short of the 2 year mark I claim. When we had been married for 9 months, I would tell people who asked that we had been married almost a year. I need to get better about this, I want to be an accurate source of information...
As usual, with my pregnancy I have jumped the gun. I thought I was 15 weeks. I blame it on I put my due date in, and the date of my last period ect and it emails me each Monday to tell me what I am. Yesterday's email, said "you are at week 15!" I am not, according to the doctor I am 14 weeks. Which means, they can't tell the gender of the baby for another week! They said, "It might be a boy, but it could be a girl." Then he said he'd call it a boy and double check in 2 weeks. So there you have it, I might be having a boy... Or a girl.
Can you believe how clear these ultra sounds are?

He was kicking his legs the entire time, it was so cute.