Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter

We had an amazing Easter:
-Went to church and arrived right on time
-Came home and took an amazing nap for an hour and a half.
-We woke up and had a fun Easter photo shoot:

-Put James down for a little nap.
-Put the potatoes in the oven, which I preprepared the night before.
-Made the rolls (which I had also preped the night before)
-Finished the food 15 minutes before we needed to leave.
-James woke up just in time to get dressed and go to the Walstrom's house for Easter dinner.
-We had an amazing meal at the Walstrom's and had a great time hanging out with our friends.
-We came home and put the baby to bed.
-I got to spent some time with my husband.
-Went to bed.

Such a great Easter :) We are so blessed to have such great friends while we live so far from our families.

Friday, April 15, 2011


My friend KC does outtakes of her daughter Holland so I thought I would borrow the idea since it always makes me laugh to see the silly faces she makes.

I love him too

Since most, well all, of my posts seem to be about James these days I wanted to be sure to mention the other man in my life; my husband.
I love Sam very much.
He works really hard in medical school.
He loves our baby very much.
He loves me a lot.
I feel lucky to have him
(even when he leaves crumbs on the counter:)).
It's the month of our anniversary.
Three years of wedded bliss.

(Such a "Sam" face)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

James is 4 months old!

He is actually 4 and a half months old but I'm afraid I'm a bit late.
His stats:

weight> 17lbs 7ozs- 91%
length> 27inches- 99%
head> I don't remember :( but it was the 52%

James is SUCH a happy boy.
If I lightly touch his nose and say boo he laughs every time.
He is a great sleeper. Naps every 1.5 to 2 hours like clock work. Goes to bed around 7:30PM and wakes up around 6:30AM (sometimes when I am VERY lucky as late at 7:30AM)
He can stand up when holding on to the ottoman.
He is close to sitting up unassisted. He can do it for a few seconds but not for long. I think it's because of his healthy sized bum and legs. They make him a sturdy sitter :)
His best sign so far, as stated in an earlier post, is "up":

We are now working on signing "milk" which he has done once before.
He loves his bouncer.
He will sit in his Bumbo on the counter and watch me cook (a safe distance from the stove and not close to the edge of the counter of course).
He has the best lips and I kiss him a million times a day.
He loves Sam, I know I say this in all the updates but seriously he already knows how funny his daddy is and who doesn't love that?
He has already flown 8 times and has been a dream baby every. single. time.
He still looks a lot like his daddy but I also see a lot of his Auntie Ambyr in him.
His hair is strawberry blond and getting really long in places. I don't have the heart to trim it.
He has bright blue large eyes.

He is growing up way way too fast :( I'm just glad he's still so snuggly :)