Friday, April 16, 2010

Wedding Photos

I like my wedding photos, I think the photographer did a great job however; I have a few updates I wish I could make:

1. My Hair
My stylist told me not to wash my hair because hair holds a curl better when it’s dirty. Now, I know my hair so I told her I thought I should wash it because it always looks best and holds a curl best when it is clean; but she insisted I not wash it. I should have gone with myself because no one knows me like I do. My hair looked fine, but I know it could have looked much better. My passed roommate Candice did my hair the night I got engaged and for my engagement photos and it looked perfect (to my standards) both times…

2. My Jewelry
Sam and I were living in Utah while he finished school; however we married in the Oakland temple. I went to California a week before the wedding to help ensure everything was ready. The day before Sam flew out to join me I remembered that I didn’t bring my wedding jewelry with me to California. All of my things were packed up and stuffed in Joanna’s garage (bless her heart for lending me the space, no idea what we’d have done without her). I had no idea which box I’d packed my jewelry in, and I didn’t want Sam to have to tear through all of my boxes to find it so I let it go; even though Sam insisted he’d be happy to do it. I should have had him go on a treasure hunt. The jewelry was a matching necklace and bracelet of baby pearls with rose gold links. I got them as a gift from a family friend for my 6th birthday. They were much too big at the time, but I remember thinking they were beautiful and I wanted to keep them to wear on my wedding day as my “something old”. Luckily, my grandma brought me beautiful pearl drop earrings to wear on my special day so I wasn’t completely without.

3. My tan, or lack of
Although I have given up my sun-worshiping due to the prospective wrinkles and/or cancer, I should have made an exception for my wedding day. It makes my skin look better, and let’s be honest, everyone looks better with a little color.

4. My Make up
I am pretty sure I did my own make up. I am not sure why I didn’t get it done. I mean I got it done for every single high school dance, so why not my wedding? I do an all right job, but in my opinion it never looks as good as when a professional does it.

For these reasons I am seriously considering having my photos retaken for my 2 year anniversary (just 2 weeks away). Why not do it while my dress still fits, and Sam still has his tux right? Please note, I love the photos from my wedding day, I am not fishing for compliments. There are about 10 photos that I am completely obsessed with. I just know that I didn't look my best and every girl should look her best in her wedding photos. But if I do have them redone, am I going to look back and be like well these are nice photos of me in my wedding dress, 2 years later. The photos wouldn't hold the same significance, right? Like why not just get regular photos done? Hm... I may have just talked myself out of this.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 people I LOVE

My grandma and my nephew. And I miss them both.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Mondays

Today I have the Mondays.
I need a cure.
Chocolate isn't my thing.
I am too tired to bake.
I am surrounded by laundry.
Gossip Girl is not cheering me up.
Sam is studying...
I hate the Mondays.

Here's to a better Tuesday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Az vs Ca

Arizona- Conservative
California- VERY liberal
Arizona- Not much traffic but when there is you are STUCK!
California- Traffic during rush hour, but you can usually find ways around it.
Arizona- Women shop at Express (and they think it's cool)
California- Women shop at Anthro or H&M
Arizona- People Marry in their mid 20's
California- People marry in their late 30's or early 40's, and divorce shortly after.
Arizona- Everyone loves to tan
California- People are very aware of skin cancer and wrinkles and if forced to be in the sun, they lather up in SPF 50 and sit under an umbrella
Arizona- Big families
California- Anything more than 2 kids, and people think you're nuts
Arizona- 9 months of great weather
California- 12 months of great weather
Arizona- Spring training games
California- Giants games
Arizona- PetSmart
California- Gap/Levis
Arizona- New friends
California- Old friends
Arizona- Boating
California- Surfing
Arizona- People buy homes
California- No one can afford to buy a home
Arizona- Close to Mexico
California- San Diego, Malibu, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay
Arizona- Medium income
California- High income
Arizona- Very religious state
California- Tolerant of all faiths, accept Christians bc they are closed minded ;)
Arizona- Not Bankrupt
California- Bankrupt
Arizona- Joe Arpio
California- Gavin Newsome (I can't stand this guy but I feel he represents a lot of what California is)
Arizona- Great public schools!!
California- Students know what Furlough days are bc the state has no money to keep schools open

Arizona- Like
California- Love

There are great things about both states but I think the bottom line is there is only one state I can call home and it will always be California.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What a deal

Last week I went to Home Fabrics in Phoenix. I am looking to make some pillow case covers for my throw pillows. I have something like this in mind:

Well I found 2 of the 4 fabrics I was looking for (still searching for the peacock and blue/gray fabric). When I left I saw there was a Savers next door and since I am still looking for the perfect bookshelves (from a previous post) I went in to see if they had any. They didn't. I walked down the curtain isle and low and behold I found the exact drapes I wanted. They looked brand new! They were the right size, color, looked new, and they were only $7!! I took them home, bought an affordable curtain rod, Sam hung the rod and voila, beautiful curtains in my living room! I'm super happy about the update to the room.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A quick post about a great friend

I love my best friend Heidi.

We met 6 years ago in Hawaii and she quickly became my go to friend for all occasions: Shopping, Beach, Sees Candy, eating out at restaurants, watching chick flicks, make overs, if I loved it, so did she! We're a perfect fit.
She is the person you want to be there when you are having a terrible day because she can cheer you up in less than 2 minutes.
She has the voice of an Angel and will sing any time I ask her to (even in the middle of a crowded Italian Restaurant:)).
She always has the best stories.
She plans all kinds of fun activities.
She is gorgeous, but you probably already know this.
She never has a negative thing to say, which encourages me to be less negative (which I need).
She is nice to EVERYONE.
She works SO hard.
And she is expecting a baby!! Heidi is going to be an AMAZING mother. She is patient, loving, and selfless and I can't wait to meet her little one. Congrats Heidi!