Sunday, August 26, 2012

He's growing up so fast

Nicknames:  Jamm, Jammer, Jammy, Bubas, Jam-Jam, Baby, Love, Smoochie, Smoocher
Age: 21 months
Favorite Color: Boo (Blue)
Favorite Animal:  Puppy
Favorite Book: Mater and the Ghost Light
Favorite Movie: Cars
Favorite TV Show: Dinosaur Train
Favorite song:  Me me song
Favorite food: Popcorn
Favorite drink: Water and close second Dr. Pepper (which Jam calls Coke)
Favorite breakfast: Cheese Eggs or a Waffle
Favorite snack:  French fries
Favorite outfit: Dino PJs (which is actually Crocodile not a dino:))
Favorite game:  Gonna get you (where you chase and then tickle him)
Favorite toy: Mater aka Matey
Best Friend: Ryder Hachtman and Maddison Dickson
Favorite activity:  Playing with dinos or cars
What he takes to bed: Humphrey, Elmo, Puppy, Binki, and Blankie
Favorite restaurant: Chik-Fil-A
Favorite store: Target
Biggest accomplishment: Counting to 10!