Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I have been "tagged"

25 unremarkable things about me:

1. I don't like when people say "clearly", I think it sounds condescending.
2. I like to practice my handwriting, and I LOVE when people compliment me on it.
3. I lose things (and think I lose things) all the time, it drives me nuts!
Yesterday I freaked out on my way home from work thinking I'd left my purse on the roof of my car; it was in the back seat.
4. I only buy stuff on sale, even at Nordstrom Rack. I refuse to pay full retail.
5. I am a stickler on the following pronunciations:
Supposedly, there are no B's in this word people
Height, this word does not end in a TH sound
Clothes, I pronounce the TH
Saying "I couldn't care less" as opposed to the incorrect yet more popular "I could care less" (which I realize is

not a pronunciation thing but I still see relevance).
6. My pajamas have to match.
7. I only believe 15% of what people tell me.
8. I still think of myself as a blond, but I have had brown hair for 2 months.
9. I feel guilty when I don't talk to my friends at least once every other week, even if I haven't seen them in months or years.
10. I text while driving but I never speed.
11. I try to be a really considerate driver, well minus the texting.
12. I have good parking luck and usually get front spots, even in December.
13. Ambyr thinks my mind works like a guy's.
14. I know more about professional sports than I let on, but I don't care about them.
15. I do not have Cable or the Internet (which explains my blogging absence). Sam and I get movies from the library twice a week for entertainment.
16. I like to buy the same things I have already had.
For example I lost my wallet (see #3) I'd had for 2 years and Sam found me the exact same one and I was sooo happy I nearly cried.
17. I drive an 88 Honda Civic Hatchback and I am not ashamed of it.
18. I LOVE sauerkraut, even though I hardly ever eat it.
19. My favorite thing to do is go camping at the lake with my cousins (and aunt and unlce of course!).

20. I am a height snob, if my friend is dating a new guy, the first thing I say is, "how tall is he?" I have always been this way. Sam is 6 ft 7.
21. I am really good at telling you what movie/tv show actors have been in. Unfortunately I do this most often with Sam while watching shows and he couldn't care less.
22. I am obsessed with music.
I sometimes think about how if Kurt Cobane hadn't … er died we may not have the Foo Fighters and then I feel really conflicted.
23. I constantly bounce my leg. Most of you know this.
24. I sometimes wonder why you are supposed to use a question mark when phrasing "Guess What?"
25. I have felt REALLY guilty about not updating my blog which has made it even harder to write a new post.