Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My 6 month old

I completely forgot to finish and the post this, so sorry. I have failed my blog lately. I have also failed to read blogs lately. I will attempt to explain in a future post until then...

James is a very happy baby.
He smiles and laughs all the time (and in my head I picture him saying "smiling's my favorite!"
I'd officially call him an easy baby, although he still wants to be held most of the time.
James weighs (well weighed at his 6 mo appointment) 20lbs (99%)
James is (was) 28.5 inches long (99%)
I do not remember what his head measurement was; but usually he is usually around the 70%.
James got tiny little bumps all over his face one day. The next day they were on his chest. And the day after that they covered his entire body (poor guy). Turns out, he had heat rash. I now carry ice packs with me and when we get out of the car I have to line his seat with them. Since I have been doing this, his heat rash has disappeared.
James isn't super into solids yet. He will take about 5 bites (max) and about 3.5 of those bites end up on his bib. Then he gags and clamps his mouth closed so I can't feed him anymore.
He still nurses every 2 hours (day and night). It started to slow down a while back but he is in another growth spurt and with the heat like this I'm sure he is a bit more dry than usual.
He likes to prop his feet up on me. On my arms, or legs, or chest; whatever he can.
He is a chatter box. I LOVE listening to him rattle on and on in his baby talk. Usually it sounds like Da da th th th th waaa et aaaahhhh. I'm pretty sure it means, I love you mommy.
James loves books. He no longer tries to put books in his mouth when I read to him! He watches the pictures and tries to turn the page.
The second I lay James down on his back he rolls over to his tummy, then waves his arms frantically as if he is trying to swim.
While in the crawl position he arm crawls with one arm. No legs. He can actually make an entire circle!
I still bounce James to sleep for every nap and for bedtime, people tell me I am spoiling him. Really I am just enjoying every second with him. Is that so wrong?
We do bedtime routine each night. I think he is just starting to expect that bedtime is approaching when we do story, scripture, song, pray...
James has a nervous laugh. When he is anxious to eat, or prematurely wakes from a nap, he laughs. Not his normal laugh, but almost an irritated laugh. Wonder where he picked that up...
James is the most cuddly baby I've ever known.
When Sam walks in at night, James immediately smiles his best smile and starts to make happy noises. He knows Sam is just about to scoop him up and entertain him. It's my favorite part of the day, watching them play together.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun photos from Callie's shower

Last weekend, Becca and I threw a shower for Callie, who is expecting a son in just a few short weeks!
We made sure to do a photo guestbook.
(thanks for the tip sister!!)

The Guest of Honor:
Callie Crum

The Hostesses:
Becca Thomas


Our Guests:
Trisha Wood

Kim Tanner

Little Miss Tanner

Karrie Wood

Shanna Maznio

Kate Abraham

Dayna Abraham

Lori Conium

Chrissy Jacobson

Mark Thomas

Brooke Bushman

Amanda Petersen
(love how her top matches the decor)

Kindi Walstrom

Judy Boyd

Emily Gladden

Emily Goodman

Tiffany Larsen

The Kiddos:
Zina Thomas

Wilson Thomas

Ellie Larsen

The 2 cutest men alive:
Sam & James