Monday, October 3, 2011

Moving and other such things

We moved!
A whole 9 blocks, but we still had to pack up our entire place which is good for a few things: throwing stuff away and organizing.
I get through about 70% of our stuff sorting, donating, organizing, packing (blah blah blah) then I get burned out and throw everything in one scattered mess into any empty boxes and feel fine about it.
I have now unpacked and organized about 90% of our new apartment and it feels AMAZING.
Sam and I are trying to decide what color to paint the living room.
And once we decide on the color we will have to decide if we will paint just 1 wall? 2? all of them? We shall see.
I am partial to Labrador Blue by Benjamin Moore:

And yes, Sam has opinions about these things (thank goodness bc I am partially color blind-ish, or color dull or something. Blues and grays and blacks are all very similar looking to my eye:/)
Our common area is much larger than our other place which leaves me feeling like it is very empty.

In other news I am going to Chicago to see my younger sister and her gorgeous muffin in less than 1 week!!
I am so excited.
Also a bit nervous.
I have never flown on a 3+ hour flight w Jams before.
I have no iPad.
No iPhone.
No portable DVD player.
No laptop.
Nothing to entertain him but hand puppets and books.
I mean my parents did it right?

In related news, I want an iPhone.
Is it really worth it?