Sunday, December 11, 2011

He gets it

Yesterday I accidentally forgot to zip up my make up bag, which I keep in James room on the ground.
Excellent place for it I know.
Anyway this morning I went to put on my make up before church and my favorite brush was missing.
It is a nice brush used to apply eye shadow that I am pretty sure I would not be allowed to replace it if it went missing.
Since it wasn't in my bag I started to look around the room for it.
I couldn't find it.
Of course my shadow, James, was there the whole time.
So I turned to him and asked him, "James, do you know where my make up brush is?" he replied "Yeah!" I said, "then go get it for mommy."
I was kidding.
Of course.
Because a 1 year old wouldn't understand what was happening right?
So I went to the bathroom to grab something else.
To my surprise James did not follow me as he usually would.
So I went back into his bedroom to see what he was up to.
Lo and behold my child was standing in the middle of the room holding my missing make up brush.
James understands what we say.
I now expect much more of him.
Well, not really but I was impressed none the less.