Friday, July 30, 2010


I am a pretty opinionated person, not as much as some but probably more than most.

One thing I have noticed is pregnancy brings out the opinion sharing in people. Strangers/acquaintances love telling you their perception of your size and your rate of growth. I find it hilarious (and of course a bit irritating but it seems like EVERYTHING irritates me these days:)).

I had a meeting with a vendor today who has known about my pregnancy since 12 weeks. She has 2 of her own children who are now grown. She asked how the pregnancy is coming, I let her know all is well and I am really enjoying it. Then I told her I am about to begin my 3rd trimester. She very quickly corrected me and said, you mean your 1st trimester. I was really confused and restated that I was about to begin my 3rd. She insisted I was mistaken. Not exactly sure how to reply, I said well next week I hit my 6 month mark so... To which she replied with an unrecognizable mumble which may have mentioned that she thought I was saying I was ending my third trimester or something. Do people not think I know where I am at in my pregnancy?

A woman I sit by at work (a woman who doesn't have children yet) informed me, I am small now, but 3 weeks before I deliver I will swell up and look enormous. Thanks sweetheart, how lovely a thought... However true it may be.

A different vendor of mine who has 5 year old twins told me I am going to have a big baby. Apparently I look large in her opinion. In my opinion I look just as I should but whatever.

Luckily my husband (the only opinion that actually matters) gives his opinion only when asked, and always insists I look perfect:) He always knows just what to say...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something to consider

I'm still at work.
It's Wednesday at 4pm (most people leave work around 4pm here).
There is one thing on my mind.

Brownie Batter.

My next thought, would brownie batter taste as yummy without raw egg...
(As you well know a pregnant woman cannot eat raw egg due to the possible salmonella)
I won't tell you if I try it.
But know that I am thinking about it.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Mexico was AMAZING. I try not to get too cheesy on here but Sam makes me feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world. He is sweet, loving, and kind and this trip made me appreciate him all the more.
Enjoy the photos:

Oh babies!!

Is it me or is everyone pregnant? Pregnant and having a boy that is. It's so much fun. I have 3 friends at work who are due just after me all 3 having boys. My boss' wife is due around the same time I am, also having a boy. Basically at PetSmart it's baby boy fever.
Baby fever has also hit my family life. My sister Hannah is pregnant due January 1st (1/1/11, how cool is that:)). Our kiddos will be just weeks apart,h we couldn't have planned better had we tried. Darlene, my sister by love (Ambyr's sister-n-law who is actually as close to a real sister as you can get) is also pregnant due in the end of January. We don't know what Hannah or Darlene are having yet, but we are SO excited to find out. I am betting on boys but I may be bias :)
My cousin Aubrey is newly pregnant (about 12 weeks) and we are SO excited all our little ones will have so many buddies to play with at family events.
My best friend Heidi is having a boy in early October. My friend Christie is having a girl (the only woman I know having a girl now that Holland is already here:)).
Aubrey, Madeline, and KC all had their gorgeous babies 4-5 weeks ago...

It's such a fun time.
I'm loving all these babies in my life.
I cannot wait to meet my little one.


My grandfather passed away a few weeks ago... I haven't lost anyone since I was a child, and because we grew up just a short drive away from their house, my grandfather has always been a big part of my life.
My grandfather stood in the the circle when I was given a name, he was a witness at my baptism, he placed his hands upon my head and gave me the gift of the holy ghost, he was there the first time I went through the temple, and he was a witness when Sam and I were sealed for eternity. In every important day in my life, he has been there with me. He is the one who gave me father's blessings, blessings of comfort, and blessings of health. I was always very grateful he was a righteous priesthood holder and that he was always willing to share it with me to bless my life.
I can honestly say my grandfather never uttered a single cross word to me. He was always positive, uplifting and patient with me. I'd go to church with he and my granny some Sundays, I would spend days at their house, and I would often come for family home evening to listen to the message, and hear my grandfather sing and play guitar.
As a child when he would greet me he would always say "Heady bum betty, to the eather go sketti. Bow legged, bull legged, bow legged Heady." I know it seems silly but it made me feel special, and it showed me he loves me. I miss him very much.
Here are a few photos of the funeral:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Naming Names

We have probably decided on a first name for our son: James. He seems to like it. He's been kicking a lot. It's so amazing. I love knowing he is doing well and getting strong. He never lets me forget about him that's for sure... We're so excited to meet him. Just a few short months from now.
My tummy is sticking out a noticeable amount. Enough for strangers to feel confidant to ask when I am due, which is fun (you know I've always loved attention).
And thanks to my little sister I have learned that airlines are very accommodating if you mention you are pregnant. In fact, Sam are flying to Mexico soon and I noticed our seats were BOTH middle seats and that we aren't next to each other. I called the airlines and let them know I am pregnant and need an aisle seat since I'll have to be out of my seat more than normal, and that I'll need to be next to my husband since I may need assistance. They put us right next to each other in preferential seating which has extra leg room AND it's in the very front. Thank you USAir!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A few thoughts on the name game

I’m happy we are having a little boy. I always pictured having 3 boys, and then having 2 girls. Obviously, it isn’t my choice and I will love my kiddos in whatever gender order they come to me in but that’s how I imagine it.
My main concern about having a baby boy is what to name him.
-My very favorite boy name in the entire world is Asher. I love it. I picture this little blonde/tan baby boy running around on the beach. I would absolutely name my baby Asher, if my last name weren’t Ashby… Sadly, they just do not work together.
-Before I knew the gender, I was set on naming him Michael. It’s strong, related to the gospel, and in my opinion very beautiful. But as time has gone on I learned it has been the #1 most popular name (not year over year but decade over decade) forever; or at least since the social security bureau has been keeping track. I don’t want him to be 1 of 3 Michael’s in his class, so I am rethinking things.
-As I have come to think about it more and more, I realize that there are about a handful of boy’s names that you hear (in some variation or another) repeatedly. Michael, Matthew, Christopher, Robert, Richard, David, James, Steven, Craig, Kevin, Bradley, Daniel, Ryan, Benjamin, William, Jonathan, and Nathan. I like all of these names but I don’t want to use the same name you hear over and over again.
-I’d love to go for something unique but Sam would never agree. I names like Weston, Keller, Donovan, Finn, Enzo, Tosh, Atlas, ect… Sam isn’t into them.
-Sam really wants to name him Robert and although I like the name, I don’t want to use it and I do have my reasons.
-I like the name Joshua, but Sam doesn’t care for it.
-I would love to name him Sam Jr, but Sam won’t go for that either.
-I like Donovan, Sam doesn’t.
-We both like Chase, but Sam says “I like it, but not to name my child”.
-Sam likes Daniel, it’s a nice name but I am not into it.
-Luke is already taken (by Ambyr’s son), but I would use it if I could.
-I like Bradley but it doesn’t go well with Ashby and Sam doesn’t like it.
-We both LOVED the name Henry but that is now taken (by Sam’s sister’s son).
-There are too many men named Ken in my family so that’s out.
-If I were to name him Steadman, everyone would reply, “Oh like Oprah’s boyfriend”. No thank you.
-I like the name Ryan but I don’t like that it is becoming androgynous.

-In short I have no idea what to name my child. I’m open to suggestion.