Monday, January 23, 2012

My 14 month old

James has been a busy baby lately. It's so fun to see him learn and grow. It seems like just this week he has learn a few new tricks:
-He makes animal sounds. Namely Monkey "ahh ahh", Dog "arr arr", Snake "thhhh", Horn Bill (Honn Honn which should be honk honk :)), and Elephant "".
-He says apple "bapple" or sometimes "bap". He will see an apple on the page of a book and point to it and say "bapple". Really cute.
-He is obsessed with books. This is my favorite thing in the world. He pulls all of his books out and finds his favorite book of the moment, and brings it to Sam or me to read. If I say "ket's go bye-bye" he quickly runs and grabs as many books as he can carry for the trip. Then he spends the entire car ride pouring over his literature.
-James is very chatting. Usually it sounds like "Muna muna muna" or "Booda booda booda". So funny.
-He will smile proudly for the camera:

-He blows kisses but refuses to clap. He has clapped once, but is not into it.
-In place of dancing, he flaps his right hand. Not arm, wrist and hand. It's hilarious.
-He LOVES it when Sam and I dance and sing in silly ways. It makes him laugh so hard.
-He still sleeps really well although he has decided to cut out 1 of the 2 naps.
-He is never afraid, and always stands up for himself.

I just cannot get enough of this kid. He is so amazing. I am one lucky mama.