Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our first trip to Florida

As Sam was rotating in Florida for the month of August, James and i decided it would be the perfect time to visit.  We had a long flight over (complete with a man elbowing me in the ribs anytime the sleeping giant in my arms made a move) but we made it safe and sound.  We headed straight to the hotel and rested until Sam was off work.
I wish I had video'd the look on James' face when he saw his dad for the first time in 2 months.  It was the happiest, and sweetest thing I have ever seen.  They played and laughed all weekend.  And for that I would do it all over again.
We spent the weekend at the beach and the pool  Tiring ourselves out for nap time and working up an appetite for meal time.  It was a great weekend.
So happy we were able to spend time together as a family.  I have missed it so much!

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